— How does the COLOR RUSH 5K work? —

You’ll begin at the starting line nice and clean. But, throughout the 5K route you’ll experience a RUSH of pink, teal and other rainbow colors that will transform you into an original work of art. When you cross the finish line, you will be covered from head to toe, but we promise your smile will be ear to ear.

— What if I'm not into color? —

If you’d like to avoid the RUSH, you can elect to bypass specified color stations along the route.

— What is the "color" in the COLOR RUSH? —

It is a non-toxic, biodegradable, tinted cornstarch. You may want to consider wearing sunglasses or goggles to cover your eyes, and perhaps a bandana to keep the color out of your mouth and nose.

— Where does the money go? —

Unlike other Color 5K events, all funds raised by the COLOR RUSH stay here in Southeast Texas with the Gift of Life. The Julie Rogers "Gift of Life" Program is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization operating in seven Southeast Texas counties, providing free mammograms and prostate cancer screenings to medically underserved individuals; educational outreach on breast, prostate, testicular, ovarian and other gynecological cancers; and a smoking prevention program for adults and youth.

Your support will help further Gift of Life educational awareness for breast and other gynecological cancers including the Julie Richardson Procter Ovarian Cancer Initiative.

— What do I receive with my registration? —

You will receive plenty of innovative fundraising tools and a personal page when you register. At packet pick-up, you will receive a t-shirt, color packet and all the route details. At the finish line, you’ll receive the full COLOR RUSH experience and a medal.

— What do I wear? —

You should wear your COLOR RUSH t-shirt, athletic shorts, athletic shoes and anything else that meets your colorful desires. Feel free to use your imagination and dress creatively!

— Can I wear a costume? —

Sure! Costumes are great! For maximum color effect, wear as much white as possible.

— Will the color stain my clothes, hair, or skin? —

The color will not stain your skin or hair. If you are blonde you may consider wearing a hat or bandana, as a precaution. The color should wash out of your clothes, but the sooner you wash it, the less chance of staining.

— How do I get clean? —

Finish line dusting stations will remove enough color to allow you to drive home. Or, wear your color all day as a symbol of the pride you feel, knowing you experienced the RUSH to save lives!

— What time will the streets close and reopen? —

The streets will close at 7:45 am and will reopen at 10:30 am.

— What is the event route? —

We will share the route map as soon as it is available.

— Is this event timed? —

This is a fun run/walk. Enjoy yourself or be the first to show up at the finish line showered in color. There will be a medal and lots of color FUN waiting for you at the finish line!

— Is the event refundable? —

The event is non-refundable. We appreciate your contribution to Gift of Life cancer awareness activities.

— Can I bring a pet? —

It is not advisable to have our furry friends at the event.

— How do I keep the color in my shirt? —

While we can’t guarantee the color will stick, you may preserve some of your color by spraying your shirt with vinegar after the race and ironing it before washing.

— What if there is bad weather? —

Please follow the Gift of Life’s Facebook page, event page and website (or call 409.833.3663) for the latest updates in the event of inclement weather.